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Comprehensive, easy to use school and College management system helps you to move faster, save money and time. As it helps you to manage Enquiry, Admission, Fees details, Student Promotion, Course matrix, Library management etc.It is also knows as Best online school and college management information system software and erp applications.
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Software to manage all types of educational institute including School, College, University, Pre-School, Distance Education Institute etc. with multiple branch management utility.



School and College Management software allows master admin to manage Multiple Branches and its users.

Auto updates to Director on Enquiry/Admission

Auto SMS Configuration facility in CSMS a best School and College Management, Admin can get auto update on enquiry / admission / fees received. It reduces dependency on staff members and makes you independent.

Employee Login

School and College Management Software provides login facility for employee to manage daily activities. Unique Login details like Username and password are provided to each employee through CSMS.

Email & SMS Services Configured

CSMS allows you to send SMS and Email Services to students for fees reminder, attendance, enquiry, admission etc.Every Form of CSMS a School and College Management software has such facility which make task easier.

Graphical Reports

School and College Management software generates graphical reports so that you can analyze your training institute business growth.

Notice / Announcement

By this feature Center coordinator can set reminder to student for fees payment. Message box will be display at student attendance login. This Feature can also used for set reminder to different group for student fees collection or faculty meeting.

Library System

CSMS also provide library Management software facility in order to manage library's daily activities like book issue, renewal of books, return books back to library, book reports etc. with CSMS.

Ticket System

Ticket system helps students and staff to convey complaints and suggestions to concern person.

Centre Role Management

Create role management & assign permission to particular branch from Head Office through CSMS a School and College Management software. By Creating Role Management branch can also assign permission amongst own employee.

Payroll Management

By CSMS, School and College payroll Management Software User can manage employee's salary, as facility of payroll is available , no need to calculate salary.

Data Security

Safe and Secured School and college management software keeps your data protected.

User-Friendly Interface

User Friendly CSMS School and College Management Software is simple and easy to use.Users can start work within 15 minutes. The Statistics gives a quick overview of the enquiries, admission & fees collection of each branches.

Access while you travel

Access CSMS software anywhere, anytime. It is hosted on the cloud, with secure login access and password allows the data to be accessed virtually from anywhere on internet.

Think Green, Save Nature

Stay away from paperwork ,Say no to Register books, Use CSMS and Save Nature.

Meaningful Reports

Our real-time and meaningful reports reports helps you make the decisions that will grow and improve your business, CSMS provides Fees Due Installment, Fees Received, Market Analysis, Students Follow up, Profit & Loss, Attendance etc.

24/7 Real–Time Access

With CSMS manage your daily business activities 24/7.

Addictive features

Enjoy your daily work with College / School software.CSMS Offerss addictive features for Students, Staff & Management.

No Unnecessary Features

Everything is worth here for user, CSMS School and College Management software's all features are very much helpful and useful.

Better Work Flow

CSMS Adopt latest technology and maintained Smooth work flow.

No hidden charges

CSMS is clear in money matters no hidden charges.

Multi User Management

School and College management software allows you to create role and assign permission this can be done from head office and branch both.

Affordable Pricing

We offers school and college management software in economical price.So that any institue can afford it easily


Data import facility for students enquiry form

Performance Optimization

Tax amount display in fees follow up & all fees related reports

Registration No. is added in admission form

Enquiry follow up filter with enquiry source & area

Bug Fixing

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Basic Plan

All software features included

Software Price

For One License Rs.15,000/-
For Additional License Rs.10,000/-

Annual Maintenance Charges

For One License Rs.7,000/-P.M.
For Additional Lic Rs.7,000/-P.M.
One Year Validity
Validity will be auto renew every year after AMC Payment
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For One License

Standard Plan

All software features included

Software Price

For One License Rs.20,000/-
For Additional License Rs.10,000/-

Annual Maintenance Charges

For One License Rs.3,000/-
For Additional Lic. 3,000/-
One year Validity
Validity will be auto renew every year after AMC Payment
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For One License

Professional Plan

All software features included

Software Price

For One License Rs.50,000/-
For Additional License Rs.25,000/-

Annual Maintenance Charges

For One License Rs.1,000/-
For Additional Lic. Rs.1,000/-
Unlimited Validity
Regular AMC payment is required to get product updates
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