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Just record your voice and send it to anyone without using mobile


Outbound Calling + DTMF A Simple Communication Technology

Connect with customers

With the DTMF service, a recipient is able to contact team members of a respective department like sales & account.

Bulk Registrations

A business owner can play voice SMS along with the DTMF if a caller wants to register himself in one click.

Easy Voting

Political leaders, media industry can utilize this service to gain more and more from audiences and voters.

Wider Reach

Share your voice message in all parts of the country. Anyone can press a key after hearing your voice.

Lead Generation

Spread your voice among all mobile phone and landline users and create a huge engagement for leads.

Money Saving

Unlike other mediums, Voice call + DTMF is economical marketing service. You can earn a lot from this!

Voice Call (OBD) + DTMF Pricing

No. of Calls

10000 40 4720
25000 37 10915
50000 35 20650
100000 33 38940
500000 30 177000
500001 - Above 29 As per quantity CONTACT US


That Makes Us Different

No Long Contract

You have to pay only for what you use. We will offer you solutions as per your requirement.

Report & Analytics

Accurate DLR with live-status. Our DLR will help you to measure the effectiveness of campaign.

Audio Uploading

Upload your voice message in Wav format. Make sure it is crystal clear and loud before uploading.

Cloud Infrastructure

We have several backup servers on our back-hand. You don't need to face downtime in any situation.

Toll-Free Number

You can run your voice campaign with a toll-free number. You may change it at any time.

Powerful Application

Our application is enough to handle huge traffic and delivery high-quality voice+dtmf on devices.


Get Answers For Your Questions

What is Voice Call + DTMF service?

It is a cloud-telephony service that allows your customer to press 1 or 2 after a voice over to connect themselves into a particular service or department.

Can I use my own mobile number?

At present we do not provide this facility but in future we will definitely work on this.

Shall I hear the recorded voice call?

Yes, you can! We allow you to access your all recorded voice call with customers & clients.