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Some of the major benefits of OTP service includes:

Improved Security

Many people forget or lost their passwords, OTP SMS deals effectively with this problem. With OTP one can reset their password.

Reduced Data Theft

OTP codes are the perfect & right way to reduce cybercrime which includes identity theft, hacking, phishing and a lot more.

Increases Flexibility & Productivity

This allows different users to securely login or gain access of a shared item or database. Companies are allowing their team to work remotely.

Secured Payments

As per the RBI, banks has to offer OTP SMS to customer who're making online payments through different platforms.

User Account Security

OTP is useful to make users account highly secured. These days, a user can enable 2FA when they log in from any other device.

Highly Secured

OTP messages on customer mobile number is valid only for 1 minute. It means there are no chances of fraud, no one can use it once its get expired.


OTP SMS Pricing

No. of SMS

25000 19 5605
50000 17 10030
100000 15 17700
500000 14 82600
500000 - Above 13 As per quantity CONTACT US


Use it for mobile verification, registration & updates

Instant Delivery of SMS

Within 3-8 seconds our server will deliver one-time password or verification code on user mobile number.

Secured SMS Routes

No chances of OTP failure. We provide a special route for our clients for OTP services that are highly secured and fast.

All India & Operator Delivery

No boundation for OTP SMS delivery, our gateway will send a message on any mobile network within India.

Live Delivery Report

Get a real-time delivery status of all sent OTP's in a table or a graphical representation at our interface.

Developer Friendly

Easy to integrate OTP SMS API for third-party applications or for your own software & website.

Easy refund

If our gateway fails to deliver your OTP in first attempt we will refund your credit in 24 hours.


Get Answers On Your All Queries

How can I ensure delivery of OTP?

By using proper route at our platform, we ensure that OTP reaches the end user in the first attempt. If it gets failed we will refund your credit back.

Why my OTP fails?

There are several reasons they can be due to a mobile network, banned routes etc. At Kiri Infotech we give you a retry option to send it again.

What's the price of One-time-password SMS solution?

Well, to know about the pricing of our bulk SMS packages contact our sales team executives at +91 - 88786 01181, +91 - 99930 89777.