Supportable For All Kinds Of Company

As per the TRAI regulations, businesses can't promote their product and services on do-not-disturb numbers of users.


Dnd Filter Unbelievable Benefits

Solution to avoid penalty

You need not have to waste money by sending SMS messages on DND numbers of customers.

Gives Strong Database

Filtering out dnd and non-dnd numbers gives you a potential database of customers & clients.

API Integration

We provide you APIs for Dnd service that can be easily integrated with any software or app.

Save efforts & time

Time and efforts are the valuable resources so why not you save it. Save your effort by sending messages on DND numbers.

Lead Generation

Sending your promotional offers to interested customers will bring more business leads.

Single Interface

You need have to buy any special software to sort it. On our bulk SMS panel, you can use this.


Check dnd numbers through this SMART tool

Upload via CSV file

Simply upload your customer's database in CSV file on our gateway to check it out in bulk quantity.

Easy To Copy-Paste

Just copy your mobile numbers and paste it into the box to sort the status of registered numbers.

Advanced Reporting

Preview your old and new customers filtered data via downloading accurate reports from our panel.

Bulk Data API

You can scrub billions of data on your system in a minute through our powerful API of JSON and XML.

Web-based Solution

Our DND scrubbing service is totally online. You just have to login our interface to use it freely.

Assured Delivery

We provide you guaranteed SMS Delivery from our gateway on all mobile networks within India.


Still Have Doubts?

What is DND Number check?

According to TRAI, companies are not allowed to send marketing and commercial SMS on DND registered number that is why DND scrubber helps them to find out DND and Non-DND numbers.

How Many databases can I scrub through DND filter?

Well, there is no such fixed limit. You can filter hundreds or thousands of mobile numbers on our software within seconds of time.

Can you add this service to my existing software

Yes, we provide special API for DND filter that enables you to use our NDNC software directly from your software.