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Become financial Guide for your customers

Start your stock tips and advisory business, with our online stock tips publishing software and become independent stock market expert. News Feed application of kiri infotech helps you to draft, create, edit, store and publish your tips for your customers. The stock trading tips publishing software designed to provide instant real time and genuine tips related to stock world. Give daily updates of stock market movement to your clients and take your business to a greater level.

Who can use this product ?   

  •  Stock Market Experts

  •  Stock Market Tips Provider

  •  Financial and Security Advisors

  •  Mutual Fund Managers

  •  Personal/private Investment Advisors

  •  Banks and Security Enterprises

  • Stock Market Analysts

As a stock market tips/info provider, you have to keep an eye on the stock market’s each and every activity in order to counsel your clients more perfectly so your clients can achieve targets completely and you can easily perform this with our online stock tips management software.  

You can provide these tips to your customers →

  • Share Market Trading tips

  • Stock market tips

  • Stock market articles

  • Stock Cash tips

  • Stock future tips

  • Stock option tips

  • Stock live tips

  • NIFTY tips

  • Trading Tips

  • Commodity tips

  • NSE vs BSE

  • MCX tips

  • BTST/ATST tips

Kiri info tech software Features are -

  1. Easy to upload News, Tips, Articles, Information through News feed Application.   

  2. Get Reliable, Quick and authentic Tips/News Content - because admin will approve the tips/News content.

  3. Single post in a single click, received by thousands of readers in few seconds and share that post on multiple Social Networking Sites.

  4. No dependency- Post and publish your tips either through web or mobile app.

  5. Highly secured software, allows one admin and other member access through unique login info.

  6. Support multi language, which helps to provide information in their language.

  7. Get notification of new post, so no need to see or check application. Read Notification and get the gist of information, finds relevant information than go ahead.

  8. User Friendly Software, No need to install it. Start your work within 10mins.  

Ask your customers to Invest smartly with Stock Market tips using our software and save your sms, email and call cost. Just share your tips, Save your money, time and efforts and go ahead to explore the hidden advantage of our newly designed News Feed Application.

A News Publishing software for Politicians to reach its audience

The Aim of a Politician or being a public figure you want

→ to reach maximum people

→ to get recognition from people in the society

→ to win coming elections.   

→ to share your work and good deeds for society’s upliftment.

→ to stay connected with the general public.

This all can easily and effectively done through our News Publishing software for Politicians, If you are going to stand for coming elections so being a candidate(politician), you must know how to go viral and reach your target audience timely(in order to win).  

So Open your ears, kiri infotech presents an Online News publishing software for politicians to reach its people.

Our News article management software which can help you to reach your audience, people or general public.  

Well, On going to categorize the target audience of Politicians, often fall in two categories →

Dedicated Supporters →People who are most likely to align, support and almost guaranteed to vote and whose donations and  volunteerism is essential for a candidate(Politician).

Politician should understand the importance of such people as they are like an internal public,  they are part of something big, that they can play a part in whatever change the candidate promises.

For that they need Instant , quick and Real time NEWS, related to politician(Candidate), Political party and News which can make or break their groups.

Undecided Voters → These are main target audience, they are the people who can vote them, who could be swayed in either of any direction and whose votes are the deciding factor in elections. Shaping their preferences should  be in mind of a candidate.Information shows the candidate is not too radical in either direction. News application can help a candidate to mould or turn their decision into your favour.

You need to showcase your task in front of them smartly and quickly either it is about

You have taken steps for  →

  • Blood donation                                   

  • Tree plantation

  • Beti bachaao

  • Clean India green India    

  • Save water save environment

  • Activities for development in allotted areas like road construction, availability of water, electricity, Constructing Schools, Public Toilets, Libraries, Parks, Sewage Line construction

  • Providing educational facilities to poor and needy or any such task that is done by you for the society’s upliftment.  

Promote these activities through our online News platform, to  generate curiosity among readers.Not only at the time of elections but every time.

Talk on public issues and communicate best possible solutions of it.

In this way, voters can see what the candidate stand for and choose you to vote for.

You definitely need a  platform or a tool through which you can communicate your policies, works in front of your target audience.

With Our News publishing software  post your news any time from anywhere either through mobile or web, Earn money through advertisements,  share your post on other social networking sites, your audience will get all real time authentic news.

This tool help candidates develop and promote their policy, thoughts, actions, schemes through an online News management system.

As the level of internet access in increasing, online applications can be a very attractive way for politicians to reach voters.

Simplify your all operations to publish an article or news on a single platform through our News Management software.  

“Create, edit and publish your content. Distribute engaging content across web, mobile and social media through NEWS FEED APP and Reach your audience easily.”

Ultimate platform for college students to post and get News content

An Ultimate and Independent Web based Content Management System provided by Kiri Infotech for all colleges and Institutes like Agriculture colleges,Business schools, Science Colleges, Commerce Colleges, Art and Designing Colleges, Engineering colleges, Management institutes,  Medical colleges, Fine arts, Nursing colleges can share their college information with their students through our Advanced New College Content management Application.

College Students can share and receive information, news like →    

Schedules and Courses - Registrations, Admission, New Courses, Syllabus, Academic Schedules, Daily Schedules, Exam Schedules, Fee Submission, lectures info, holiday, Parents teacher meeting information.       

Examination Info - Info about exam forms, Exams fee submission, Information about  Revaluations, Practical exams, supplementary exams and results,CCE, Results.  

Various Departments Info - Information of other departments like Science department, Arts department, Language department, mathematics, geography,history, Library, physical training department, computer department, statistics department,Research and development department etc.   

Info about Events - like Orientation, Farewell, Weekday Series, Theme Week or Weekend, Alumni Weekend, Annual Functions.

Activities Info - like Dance, Music, Drama, Painting, Drawing, Singing, Designing.   

Sports Information of  - Team selection, practicing schedules, quarterfinal, semi final, final round of competition, Information of sports competition(Matches).  

Competitions such as - Debate, Poetry, Designing, Quiz competition, Fun game based competition, writing competition, dance competition, music competition, Inter college competition, Inter universities competition, State level college competition, city level college competition.

Important Information such as  - Campus drive info (Recruitment, Internship or Training), Seminars info, info regarding Award winning ceremony,  information about winner of the Competition, Inauguration of any New course,department,  canteen, restaurant and functions, college news like new head of the department (HOD), faculty change, Info on PHD achievers. etc.  

“Circulating  information among the students is one click away with NEWS FEED.”  

In the era of digital world and having whatsapp, facebook, Linkedin, twitter, instagram, wechat, hike and dozens of other social networking sites and social media.

You still want a platform which binds college students and teachers(optional) all togethers, where they can share any information, News or content

You still require an online software that gives you an authenticate, genuine and relevant News or content only and free from all unnecessary stuffs.

Are you  still searching for a software which provide you News or content by categorization.

Here is the answer: News Feed will fulfill your all wants, requirements and desire of having a online content management software.

Why News Feed, because →

Content of News feed is Genuine →  News or content you will receive from this platform will be authentic as it is approved and published by the editor. The content is much more genuine than all other social networking sites and social media.

Mobile application → In current scenario 80% of internet users owns a smartphone and among them 84% of students seeks “Breaking news”.

These figures are enough to tell the highly usage of smartphone and News applications. Considering these points we have developed our Mobile news application for college. Which help you to reach thousands of students in a single shot.

Categorization → You can select the category and then read the News or content  say if you are from science stream than you can select science from the category and you will get all the informations related to science stream only. This News or content bifurcation on the basis of category will provide you the News or content that matters you the most.

All Information at one place → Students will receive all college information on the single platform. This helps them to save their time and reduces distraction occur because of other social media/apps/networking sites.

“Sharing right content at right time to your specific audience is very important”.

Real time application → News feed is real time online mobile application provided by kiri infotech help students to post and get published news in seconds. When it comes to organizing the information that represents the institution, that can be done through any platform but when we talk about a real time content management application gives you the right content every time can be done through NEWS FEED only.

This is how college students can use our News Feed: A best College content

Management software.

For any query, doubt or question in your mind related to News management software you can contact us.    

A Publishing Software for Modern Media

If you want your own platform to publish your news online, in your language for your readers. You are at right place. Your search will come to end here.

Our News feed application is best suitable for you to digitize your own newspaper online with branded Mobile application for your readers and also you can make money through it.


It is a Top Best News Management Software System with mobile application allow you to reach your readers instantly and also keep you online and updated every time.

“Send Breaking news to your readers is one click away through News feed.”

It is much more than e-paper and newspaper, it is an online news management system software with mobile application for readers which allow you to publish your News by getting approval from the Editor, in the category you want and let you to earn money by running ads simultaneously.  

“It is a Medium to reach your readers and inform them the things you want.”

This software is free from all set boundaries.

Whether  you belongs to local, regional, evening, Midday, weekly, monthly or any newspaper or your newspaper is new, old or completed several years in the industry.

No geographical boundaries - To run your newspaper in any city, village or in any state.

No language boundation - Post your news in any Indian languages (including english).

You can post number of news in a single day. News feed application is the only and perfect solution for your online Newspaper.

Features of News feed →

  1. Display your content with Image -

Our Newspaper management system lets you to concentrate on the content as it’s display design is perfectly organised that you can set the format of news like Full screen or Heading of the News and permit you to post your news with image.

2. Share your content with Social Media -

Our uniquely designed content management software allow you to stay connected on social networking sites. It serves as an interactive forum as well. Sharing stories and linking to other websites for references is possible through this software.

3. Double Profit -

Create your Online publishing platform to digitize your Newspaper which reduces your publishing, printing and distribution cost and with this application you can also earn money by manage advertisements. Overall Newsfeed proves to be a cash Cow for your newspaper. It  reduces your cost and opens a door to earn Money.

4. 24/7 Updates -

Our Online publishing software is well organized and ease of access to publish any content, any time from anywhere is a key advantage of News feed application.

News feed grants you something more →

  1. Journalist, Reporters, Columnist, Editor and reader all can also post their news.(Editor will approve and publish all news including his own).

  2. Editor will create news category and post the news,which help readers to read News in particular category.

  3. Through mobile application also you can post your News.

  4. You can use this application as interactive platform also, because it allow your readers to post their own News, thoughts, Tips, Information and much more.

  5. Post your news with relevant images, which creates an interest among readers.

Give it a shot and get a one month free trial,  of our news management application and enjoy our services.