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Transactional emails is the type of services through which an email gets sent to facilitate an agreed transaction between the sender and the recipient. Mainly it is used for account creation emails, purchase receipts, social media updates, password reset etc.


Improves customer confidence

Send regular emails for important information of product and services to build a trust among them.

Better branding opportunity

Drafting an email with the brand identity of business create a value in the minds of subscribers.

Instant reach

Emails are the real-time response to an individual action, to reach your customers at the right time.

Automated sending

Easy-to-integrate transactional email API that automatically sends receipts, account updates and other things.

Gather feedback

Improve your services quality by adding survey links in your emails to gain valuable feedback.

Increases effectiveness

Email marketing gives open and click-through rates more than you expect. Offer value by sending relevant information as per customer's demand.

Transactional Email Pricing


10000 10 1180
25000 9 2655
50000 8 4720
100000 7 8260
500000 6 35400
500001 - Above 5 As per quantity CONTACT US



Draft your emails according to recipient details like amount due. Believe us! Email personalization really works well.

Real-time analysis

We help you to access accurate reporting and real-time data so that, you can beat your goal.

HTTP emails

Instead of sending simple content into an email, why not you create it in HTTP with an attachment for a more attractive look.

Powerful API

Integrate our flexible and reliable APIs into any software like CRM to enable email services with an ease.


Set your campaign for a later date and time if you are going to be busy via using our scheduling feature on the interface.


Our gateway is really powerful so, we promise to give high-delivery rates on your sent campaigns.


Have Questions? Get Answers here

How can I avoid my email being sent to SPAM folders?

Get your users OPT - In to your services, so you can avoid emails being sent into SPAM folders.

Do you allow to send email in HTTP?

Yes, we allow our clients to send transactional emails in HTTP along with the attachments.

Do you provide any API to send Bulk email service?

On our developer tool option, you will get various API with sample codes for integration into third-party application or software.