Our Complete Sms Marketing Solution (Url Shortener):
A perfect way to find out your interested customers

Track your SMS marketing campaign in a whole new way via this great solution and find out your interested customers with an ease.


Make links more manageable

URL shortener solves the problem of making any links more manageable to share. As links are easy to click by mobile phones.

Ability to track the performance

Get analytical data at our cloud-based interface. A businessman can understand what their audience is engaging with and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Effortless & Saves-cost

You can easily send SMS to those customers who're interested to buy your products and services. This will save your SMS cost and efforts.

High click-through rate

People are used to seeing those shortened links on social media platforms and this makes the increase in click-through rate. The more you get clicks the more your campaign is successful.

Increases website traffic

Send short URL into your SMS to increase website traffic as sending messages with links is the smartest way to redirect readers on the landing page.


Send more information about products and services through short URL SMS. It requires less space that cost you very little.

Our Solution Does Much More than Just Shrinking URLs

Dynamic URL

Send links as per clients operating a system, browser, and device that gives the best experience when they access your shared link.

Auto-repeat Campaign

Send the same campaign after a certain time or date or month to feed your brand in the minds of targeted customers

Drip Campaigning

Find out your interested group of audiences and automatically drip them into your next or future campaign for higher conversions.

Generate Leads

Drive more and more leads and assign those leads to your internal team members so that they can ask their concerns and convert them into your customers

Campaign scheduling

Wish to push your promotional campaign on a future date & time then utilize our 'Scheduling' feature to send it automatically.


Know whether your recipient received SMS or not, the total number of clicks on the URL, their location, browser, OS system and time.